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Dear whistleblower,
In this way, PALASINO, TWHA and TWHG enable you to make a report via the secure ETHIC-LINE channel. This system can be used for raising concerns to initiate an investigation into reports about illegal conduct committed by PALASINO, in particular misdemeanour, criminal offences, misconduct against employees and their personal dignity or discrimination, as well as violations of other Czech and EU legislation, such as public procurement, money laundering, consumer protection, environmental protection, personal data protection, etc.
The system makes it possible to conceal the identity of the whistleblower and protect him/her from retaliation by PALASINO, TWHG and TWHA. The information is processed and investigated by an external independent processor, namely Becker & Poliakoff, s.r.o., U Prašné brány 1078/1, Prague 1, 110 00, which is bound by confidentiality about the whistleblower.
You can submit your report in the system with your contact email or phone or make a report anonymously. If you make an anonymous report, you will not be informed of the receipt of your report within 7 days and of the conclusions of the investigation within 30 days of your report. Reports can also be made by email at PALASINO@taskpool.cz and ethicline@palasino.eu or by phone at +420 224 900 000. More information about the whistleblowing process can be found in the company’s internal policy.
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